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Will IowaDocs work on a Mac, Linux, or mobile device?

For IowaDocs (cloud version) on HotDocs Market:

Yes, this version will work on any device that can connect to the internet with a current web browser. Click here to learn more.

For IowaDocs (desktop version):

No, our template set does not work with the Mac OS (or Linux or mobile OS's) (actually, it is the underlying assembly software from HotDocs which requires a Windows OS). However, if you have a dual-core Mac which supports both the Mac OS and Windows, the program will run in the Windows virtual machine (VM) with no problems.  See below for a few options to install a VM on your system*.

Click here for system requirements for IowaDocs/HotDocs software.

Possible VM Software for the Mac:

*IowaDocs Support does not support assisting with setting up a virtual machine (VM) on your Mac system, please consult a technician that has knowledge about setting up a VM on your Mac system.



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