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• I see that IowaDocs is moving away from HotDocs Market, what are our options?

Here are your options moving forward:

Option 1: Move to XpressDox.
Users can move to the new XpressDox version before their HotDocs Market account expires in 2021. If you would like to move to IowaDocs® powered by XpressDox the first week of January (before your HotDocs Market expiration date in 2021) please email us and let us know and we can will get you setup with an account at that time.

Option 2: Stay with HotDocs Market account.
Users can stay with their HotDocs Market account until it expires in 2021 and at that time you will need to sign up with a new account with the XpressDox version thru the ISBA’s store.

(Note that users who implement the desktop version of IowaDocs® will need to do monthly updates in 2021, to their desktop library through HotDocs Market. HotDocs Market cloud users will not need to do anything until their subscription with HotDocs Market expires)

Please feel free to visit our Youtube Channel for more information on IowaDocs® 2.0 powered by XpressDox.




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