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Welcome to the IowaDocs® Support website. IowaDocs® is a service provided by The Iowa State Bar Association for its members.  This site will give you information, tips, and support for the yearly subscription to IowaDocs®.

IowaDocs® is a library of hundreds of legal documents created, endorsed and copyrighted by The Iowa State Bar Association that have been automated using HotDocs. These templates ask questions and automatically create customized documents based on the answers given. This member service will save time, effort and money in the production of repetitive documents and forms. 

NOTICE: IowaDocs 2015 (desktop version) will be available for update the week of Feb. 9th.  Each subscriber will receive an email explaining the process of updating IowaDocs 2014 to the 2015 version.

HotDocs Market Update:  We have exciting news to share with you regarding IowaDocs: The Iowa State Bar Association has renewed its publishing agreement with Hotdocs, Inc. so that we can continue to provide you IowaDocs®.  Our new agreement not only allows the ISBA to distribute IowaDocs® as in years past (now called IowaDocs desktop) but via the cloud using HotDocs Market (referred to as IowaDocs cloud). This agreement represents the ISBA’s commitment to our members by offering the latest technology to improve practice management, generate workflow efficiencies and deliver value for your clients. For more information about this release and how to Renew/Signup, click here.


To renew or signup for IowaDocs please visit HotDocs Market, click here. (must be a current ISBA member)





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