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ASCII Symbol Listing (Common)

On your keyboard press the "ALT" key (next to spacebar) and then type the associated number on your number pad (or lock your numbers on your keyboard and then type the number if you don't have a seperate number pad)

degree sign
ALT 0176
section sign
ALT 0167
per thousand (mille) sign
ALT 0137
round filled bullet
ALT 0149
copyright sign
ALT 0169
registered trademark sign
ALT 0174
trademark sign
ALT 0153
one half sign
ALT 171
one quarter sign
ALT 172
three quater sign
ALT 0190
cent sign
ALT 0162
dollar sign
ALT 36
less than < ALT 60
greater than > ALT 62
spanish letter enye (lowercase) ñ ALT 0241
spanish letter enye (uppercase) Ñ ALT 165
accented e (lowercase) è ALT 0232
accented e (uppercase) È ALT 0200
Small a, acute accent á ALT 0225
Capital A, acute accent Á ALT 0193

**if you are seeking a different symbol that isn't listed above, simply do a search for "ASCII code for ____" and fill in the blank of what you are looking for**



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