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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information (XpressDox)

• How do I learn more about IowaDocs 2.0 powered by XpressDox?

• I see that IowaDocs is moving away from HotDocs Market, what are our options?

• How to change browser to ask where to save files?

• How to add a shortcut to XpressDox on my desktop?

Firm Information (XpressDox)

• How do I add attorneys and prepares and other firm information?

Subscription Information (XpressDox)

• How do I purchase a subscription to IowaDocs?

• How do I add a user to our account?

• When a User logs in they get "No packages configured." message


Old HotDocs FAQ's

How to log into my HotDocs Market Account?

How to update your IowaDocs Library to the new structure

Attorney and Preparer Picklist issue

IowaDocs® (desktop) will not open – HotDocs freezes up at start up.

How to make a degree sign or section sign (ASCII keys)?



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