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Subscription Information

A subscription to IowaDocs® is for one calendar year, from when you subscribe, for current and active members of The Iowa State Bar Association (ISBA) only.  Subscriptions are based on the total number of attorneys at the firm, whether they all will use IowaDocs® or not. The subscription agreement is for the use of the forms created by the ISBA.  Toward the end of your subscription year, you will receive a notice to renew your annual subscription to IowaDocs®. We may, at our discretion, add new or remove forms during your subscription year.

If you would like to become a subscriber*, click here.
*NOTE: Subscribers need to be a current ISBA member and log into www.iowabar.org to purchase/renew.

Users that need to renew your subscription: Users set to auto-renew will have their subscriptions renew the day of expiration, with the credit card on file.  Users can log into their ISBA member account to see if they have an invoice for IowaDocs subscription.  Those users can either wait for the auto-renew day or pay early if they would like.

Renewing is done via the ISBA member who originally purchased the IowaDocs subscription.  If you are unsure who purchased the IowaDocs subscription please email subscriptions@iowadocs.net and supply your account number and firm name for the IowaDocs® subscription.  

# of Attorneys in the Firm


*Current Price



 $    289.00



 $    469.00



 $    559.00



 $    899.00



 $ 1,219.00



 $ 1,579.00



 $ 1,929.00



 $ 2,599.00



 $ 2,929.00



 $ 3,249.00




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