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IowaDocs® (desktop) will not open – HotDocs freezes up at start up.

When this happens it is most likely due to a corrupt library file.  Below will discuss how you can fix this issue on your own.  If you would like assistance please contact IowaDocs® Support at 866-597-6040.  The instructions below are for a typical workstation install but the same procedure can be done with a network install – but you will need to know the root directory of where IowaDocs® is installed.

OPTION #1 (for Win 7 or Win 8 users – only typical workstation install users):

Download the following zip file:  files/restorelibrary.zip, once downloaded open it and run the exe it contains and follow the onscreen instructions.


OPTION #2 (manual fix, for network installs, and for WinXP users)

1.  Navigate to the default directory for IowaDocs®.  This will be one of the following locations (unless you are on a network):

     • WinXP users:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\HotDocs\Templates
     • Win 7 or 8 users:  C:\Users\Public\Documents\HotDocs\Templates

2.  Once you navigate to the root location of where IowaDocs® was installed you will see the following 3 items (see Figure 1 below):

     • PUBIOWADOCS folder (contains all the necessary files for IowaDocs® to run properly)
     • PUBIOWADOCS.hdl (HotDocs Library File)
     • PUBIOWADOCS.~hd (HotDocs backup library File)

       (NOTE: the “library file” and “backup file” should be the same size – as you can see in the sample below the backup file is 102KB’s and the actual library file is 74KB’s – this is an indication of a corrupt file – they should both be about 102KB’s)

          Figure 1


3.  Right-click on the HotDocs Library File “PUBIOWADOCS.HDL” and select Delete (see Figure 2 below).

          Figure 2


4.  Click on “Yes” to confirm deletion.
5.  Next right-click on the backup library file “PUBIOWADOCS.~hd” and select “Rename” (see Figure 3 below)

          Figure 3


6.  ONLY delete the last 3 characters “~hd” and replace them with “hdl” (last character is a lower-case L).  Show you should have “PUBIOWADOCS.hdl” for a name.  If you get a warning about changing the extension, simply accept it.
7.  Now try opening IowaDocs® - if it opens you have fixed the issue.  If IowaDocs® still doesn’t open then please contact IowaDocs® support at 866-597-6040.





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